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Northern Virginia Ethical Society (NoVES)

What our Members say about NoVES

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NoVES membership means camaraderie for all our family. Our son loves Sunday school because the NoVES Sunday school experience is less rigid  than his public school experience.  He gets our ethical values reinforced through play and is treated with respect for his strong individuality and independent mind.   Our daughter loves the environment of acceptance where her inquisitive and questioning personality can discuss ideas without fear of criticism--Kim N.

"NoVES is my Humanist community, inclusive of my whole family. I especially appreciate the wonderful Sunday school which teaches Humanist values and religious studies. I've made life long friends and fond memories here. "- Kelly H.

" The Ethical Movement has played an important role in my life, first at the Washington Society which I joined in 1966 and since 1987 at the Northern Virginia Society. I met my wife at a Ethical Society Young Adult Group program. The Ethical Society has been the place where we celebrated our marriage and named our children, in ceremonies reflecting our humanist values. It is the place where we sent our children to Sunday Schools which teach children their own responsibility for thinking through ethical issues themselvesIt is a place where after 50 years of membership I still get new insights and inspiration, helping me to live a better life. "  -- Hank G.

"NoVES provides me intellectual stimulation and is a place where I feel welcome. In short time I have been affiliated with NoVES, I have connected with like-minded people who are inclusive and caring. I look forward to establishing several meaningful friendships. "-- Cynthia C.

"NoVES provides me with a community of friends. I enjoy the social activities, the platforms to listen to interesting topics, and opportunities to discuss important issues. Volunteering as a Sunday School teacher uses my creativity and provides an opportunity of interacting with youth that I don’t get in my work. "   D.B.

" NoVES allows me to pursue the key principle of ethical culture laid down in the nineteenth century to strive for the higher plane of morality.  This enables deeds going beyond philosophy. I abide by scientific understanding of human biology and culture of humans as social beings, with individual inheritance dictated by genes and culture, but also strengthened in the context of multiples communities throughout the life cycle. " -- Avi D.

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