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Northern Virginia Ethical Society (NoVES)

Ethical and Civic Action

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Deed Before Creed

The Northern Virginia Ethical Society (NoVES) commits itself to the principle of honoring the worth and dignity of all people.

  • We believe that peace, economic justice, environmental responsibility, and respect for human rights are the characteristics of a society in which all persons are able to fulfill their potential. 
  • We are committed to reducing the suffering in the world. 
  • We believe that human beings are both capable of and responsible for the creation of a more humane world. 
  • We believe that our actions matter in the world and that we become our best human selves through working to create a more humane world.
To see other Ethical Societies' actions nationwide and American Ethical Union resolutions on national and global issues visit
Donations for Puerto Rico
March for Our Lives
Candlelight Vigil for Charlottesville
DACA visit Tim Kaine Office
Martin Luther King Commemorative March 2013
The Kakenya Center
Anti-gun violence protest
Randy Best at the Women's March 2017
Clean Up Service Project
Reason Rally

Our Activism

Our Activism

 Please follow our  new NoVES Civic Action Twitter  handle 


Action on DACA November 2017

Our 10/24/18 evening NoVES testimony to the Fairfax Board of Supervisors capped our day of action beginning with meeting with Senator Mark Warner's office on DACA and the Dream Act, and followed by joining a grassroots coalition of immigration activists in the afternoon in a press conference urging County non-collaboration with illegal ICE detention.

Martin Luther King Commemorative March 2013

The weather was warm (for January!). The singing was loud. We marched from Lake Anne Plaza in Reston to the Hebrew Congregation. It was only .6 of a mile but it felt so good. We sang resistance songs - We Shall Not be Moved, Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round, Woke Up This Morning and of course - the anthem of the Civil Rights era - We Shall Overcome. A wonderful time was had by all.

Civic Engagement to Get Out the Vote 2016-2017

Our Service

 NoVES Caring Network

The Caring Network seeks to create a sense of connection among our membership by offering support and assistance in times of challenge or stress as well as times of joy and celebration. Types of assistance may include: rides to medical appointments or procedures; emergency babysitting; simple home repairs; home cooked meals.

 Members can access the Caring Network page in the members only section of the website for further information.

Our Support for Charity and Service Organizations

A percentage of contributions collected during platforms go to charity and service organizations. A list of local and global organizations that we have supported in the post can be accessed here.  Members of NoVES are also actively engaged in service projects announced at platform and in our e-mail blasts throughout the year.

Boxes for Victims of the Hurricane in Puerto Rico

In November 2017, members shopped and packed boxes of essential supplies that were sent directly to a community organization on the ground in Puerto Rico.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF

In October 2017, the kids in NoVES Sunday School collected contributions for UNICEF.

Questions? Contact the Ethical and Civic Action Committee

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