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Northern Virginia Ethical Society (NoVES)

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Platform - What’s Merit Got to do with It? by Randy Best, NoVES Leader

  • Sunday, March 06, 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

What’s Merit Got to do with It?  Meritocracy as an Offense Against Human Worth

I often wonder if my achievements are rewards for my talents, abilities, and effort - based on merit rather than luck or other circumstances.  The American Ideal inhabits a land where meritocracy rules and everyone has the opportunity for success.  Is this true?  If it is true, is meritocracy a just system for distributing society’s rewards?  I will examine meritocracy as an ideal that is broken in today’s America.  I will also address the ethical implications of the concept of restoring meritocracy as a worthy goal.

Come in person or join us via Zoom.

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