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It was so nice to have platform in person!

Thursday, September 15, 2022 11:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Platform was wonderful this past week despite some dust and rust and a few slow starts because of the terrible weather and horrible traffic. You could tell that we were hungry for each other's company.

How nice was it to see people face to face and to see so many people on Zoom too? It really lifted my spirits to see you all!

So what about this week? Well, this week is the President's vision for the coming year. My plan is to have this platform to be interactive (much like Randy did a bit of that last week too).

Sure, I have ideas for this coming year, but I'm just one member. I want us to talk about: festivals, parties, other activities, books, food, etc. 

Having this break from the routine platform the last 2 years gives us an opportunity to try new things (as we have been. Like, how wonderful it has been to have the Zoom option?). It doesn't mean we would forgo the old style, but we can add in bits and pieces to jazz it up or make it more accessible.

I absolutely love brainstorming, so I'm really looking forward to people's ideas! See you on Sunday!

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