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Humanist International Board Member Charged With Sedition

Friday, June 14, 2019 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I announced this at our NoVES meeting last Sunday and I wanted to make sure that members who did not attend were aware of this important human rights situation.

One of my main take-aways from the Humanists International General Assembly that I recently attended in Iceland is the alarming position of a Humanists International board member.

Gulalai Ismail, a women’s and human rights activist in Pakistan is under legal threat from the Pakistani government that has charged her with “sedition”.  This charge poses a serious threat to her liberty and her life.

Hearing of the consequences of Gulalai Ismail advocating for a full investigation of the murder of a minor girl, highlights the peril that humanists face in many parts of the world.

Earlier this year, Andrew Copson, President of Humanists International, urged Gulalai to stay in the United Kingdom and seek asylum.  She replied that she needed to return to Pakistan to continue her work for women’s and human rights.  She said that if she was killed because of her efforts, it would serve as inspiration to others to take up the cause.

I am overwhelmed by Gulalai’s moral courage and selfless dedication.  She is paying a high price for living her humanist values.  It underscores the personal safety and freedom of expression that I experience.

The full article from the Humanists International website is included below.

Supporting “humanists at risk” is one of the activities of Humanists International.  If you feel moved to help, consider making a donation to:

Additional information about the activities of Humanists International, can be found on their website:

May 23, 2019

Gulalai Ismail faces “sedition” accusation for protesting injustice in child murder case

Human rights defender Gulalai Ismail faces the threat of arrest for “sedition” under the anti-terrorism act, after campaigning for justice in the case of a girl who was raped and murdered.

Gulalai Ismail is a women’s right activist, human rights defender, and was elected to the Board of Humanists International in 2017.

It was reported in Pakistani media today that an FIR (First Information Report) was raised against Gulalai Ismail in relation to a speech she gave at a rally earlier in the week. The accusation falls under the anti-terrorism act for “delivering seditious speeches and instigating masses against the state institutions”. Gulalai’s speech earlier in the week was widely circulated on social media. The rally and the speech were held to protest the rape and murder of a minor girl known as Farishta.

The body of Farishta was found near the capital’s Shahzad Town area after being allegedly raped. Her family said they had tried to file a missing person report with the police on 15 May, but it took police until 19 May to register the FIR in that case and, even then, a proper search was not initiated.

Protesters at the rally this week were objecting to the perceived lack of interest or progress in the case up to that point. Subsequent to the protests, the government and state authorities have pledged to take action on the case and investigate the apparent inaction of police services.

The accusation in the FIR is that this speech was “anti-state” or “seditious”. It is very common for some activists to be branded as “anti-state” or “seditious” in particular when they are critical of military or government actions constituting human rights violations.

Ismail has previously faced accusations of “blasphemy” for example around her work promoting women’s equality, and accusations of being “anti-state” for taking part in Pashtun rights protests and criticizing authorities including the military for human rights violations or failures of justice.

It is particularly concerning that Gulalai Ismail faces the prospect of arrest and detention again, having faced similar accusations several times in the past few years.

There is also significant social media activity surrounding the speech and the FIR, with elements accusing her of “anti-state” activities and posting photographs of her with international NGO contacts (including Humanists International Board members) with the hashtag: “#GulalaiPTMExposed”. (The repeated insinuation is that she is connected to or funded by “foreign” agencies. This is a common allegation against human rights defenders, which endangers the accused by casting them as traitors, terrorists or seditionists.)

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