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A Message from Randy Best

Thursday, May 24, 2018 8:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear NoVES Members – 

I struggle at times to hold the worth of others at the forefront of my consciousness. To recognize human worth in times of conflict and disagreement. To fully recognize our common humanity and our common struggle to do what each of us believes is right.

Acting ethically would be easy if there was never any disagreement or conflict.

Resolving disagreement is an opportunity to take my ethics beyond the theoretical and put it into practice.

I will do my best to rise to this opportunity, respectfully, creatively, with concern for others.

Conflict leaves disappointment and hurt feelings in its wake.

After conflict, healing and the repair of relationships are necessary.

How we act in the wake of conflict, how we reach across divisions to begin healing are the true indicators of ethical inclusion.

Everyone acted for what they believed to be the best interests of NoVES at the recent members meeting. 

As the NoVES community emerges from conflict, the challenge is to re-affirm commitment to our community and strengthen connections with others.  To recognize the integrity and worth of all of our members.

There is no right side or wrong side. 

In some cases, there is deep hurt that needs healing.

There is an opportunity to truly listen to others, to move forward with greater understanding.

Felix Adler, the founder of Ethical Culture wrote:
Life is worth living if I live to support the worth in others. And if I find and enlarge the worth in myself. We add to our moral lives in two ways: by living rightly according to the light we have. Secondly by constantly seeking for new light. In the moral world if we do not find new understandings, and if we do not advance and grow, then instead we shrink.
It is my hope that as NoVES moves beyond conflict, I am able to support the worth of others, to move forward with deeper understanding and renewed commitment to the NoVES community.

Yours in Ethical Struggle,

Randy Best
NoVES Leader


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