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2019-2020 Pledge Campaign 

Dear Members,

We are a voluntary membership community who join together to help and reinforce one another in living our lives better, ethically better. We are a community group religiously dedicated, not being better than other religious communities, not to fervent and uniform beliefs, not even to permanent survival as a coherent community, but religiously dedicated to keeping our priorities in order, and living them…(Judith Eckerson)

This letter inaugurates the pledge campaign for our fiscal year from July 2019 through June 2020.  Our planning for our budget for next year will be determined in large part by the pledges we receive.

When pledging, please remember the many ways in which NoVES impacts your own life and the lives of our Ethical community in a positive way:

  • Our Leader, Randy Best, provides thoughtful platforms and adult education programs which encourage us to think about moral and ethical issues and to live our lives in accord with our ethical ideals and values.    

  • Our Director of Ethical Education, Kimberly Nyilasi, organizes and encourages  children to think for themselves about ethical issues, introduces them to a plethora of new and exciting experiences, and provides support to them so that they do not feel alone;

  • As a member of NoVES, you have an opportunity to participate in ethical action projects that are in line with our belief in the worth and dignity of each human being;

  • Finally, we are a community of humanists who celebrate life's joys and support each other through life's crises.

We need your support to enable us to maintain and expand these important programs.

We will inaugurate our pledge campaign with a luncheon after Platform on March 31st. The program will include short presentations on our plans for the coming year and will include an opportunity for member questions and comments. We will also hold a meeting after platform on April 14th when you will have another opportunity to obtain more information and ask questions.  

Please submit your pledge by April 19th, to enable to Board to prepare a draft budget to present at the May 19 membership meeting.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Jaime R Argandona

President, Northern Virginia Ethical Society

How much should I pledge?

  • We encourage as many members as possible to pledge 2% of their gross income, after taking account of special circumstances such as college tuitions or high medical expenses;
  • If you can maintain your current pledge that would be appreciated. If you could increase your pledge by 7% that would contribute to a reducing the deficit in half; an increase in pledge by 15% - would bring eliminate our deficit, along with our expectation that there will an increase in membership.
  • Our ability to maintain our valuable programs and our no minimum pledge policies depends on the willingness of those who have the ability to do so to contribute generously in accord with their financial capabilities.
  • For those dealing with difficult financial situations, we value whatever you are able to contribute. Even small contributions have an impact.

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